1. How much does it cost?

$3500. This includes entry into all events, food, beverages and access to our exclusive mentor network and online resources.

2. Is there homework?

Unlike traditional programs, GMC Masterclass does not give homework. This program teaches through experience based learning objectives.

3. What are the benefits for me and my business?

The GMC Masterclass student's benefits include: unique experiences designed exclusively for the GMC Masterclass students, a large and accessible mentor network of the most influential leaders in the Milwaukee and Madison area, and opportunity to gain essential skills taught by the leaders in the community. The GMC Masterclass student will be equipped with skills to help develop not only their abilities, but as well as their business. 

4. Can anyone join?

One must submit an application to be considered to join the GMC Masterclass program. This program is designed for emerging leaders and business professionals. 

5. What if I can't make the events?

Because GMC Masterclasses' curriculum is curated around unique experience based learning, attendance for the events is crucial. A student must be able to attend a minimum of five events to be considered for acceptance. 


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